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About us 

Experience the vintage tone, on a brand new guitar!
Paoletti Guitars are handcrafted in Italy out of centenarian chestnut wine barrels
Back in 2005, Fabrizio Paoletti founded Paoletti Guitars—a guitar manufacturer company that pays
homage to both Italian craftsmanship and Paoletti's family history by way of the build materials it
uses. The Paoletti family once produced Chianti red wine in the Tuscany region of Italy, and now,
the 130- to 170-year-old chestnut from the wine barrels it was made in is being repurposed and
used to make beautifully handcrafted instruments.
Paoletti Guitars have four different series in the production line: Wine, Loft, Leather, Lounge. The
artisan company spent the last years getting all the models into a production system, with a team

of artisans that works everyday as a custom shop. All of the guitars produced, no matter which co-
lor or design, have the body made of the same reclaimed wood, the old chestnut, recovered

around Italy from wine barrels no longer used tomake wine. In the front line, the guitar that brings
that spirit around the world it is the Wine series, definitely, but even the Leather, with the Italian

leather top on it, showcases Italian craftsmanship and the spirit of Italy, which is also well repre-
sented by the Loft series, made with a touch of Vintage style and a finish called “Pickled”, the

Lounge series is the development of the Loft into the world of blues and Jazz, offering semi hollow
body and chambered guitars with piezo-acoustic systems.

More about Chestnut...Experience the vintage tone, on a brand new guitar!

Chestnut wood essence has a lot of layers of tone, with a high number of harmonics, a very im-
portant feature to a guitarist’s sound. It offers a flat and malleable tone that’s a bit focused on

middle-bass frequencies, which can be changed fast when paired with a different neck wood. We
offer roasted maple/black wood teak for rock and players of heavier music and a roasted maple

neck for more blues and blues-rock-oriented guitarists. Every maple neck, is hard maple from Ca-
nada, roasted in Italy at our facility. Another important feature of the wood is its high sustain,

chestnut is king of this.



- Paoletti Pickups, on board of every guitar, are hand made in house, from single coil to humbuc-

- OEM Hardware and pickguard, made of Brass. 99% Of the components on board are brass, we
reduced the use of plastic, almost zero components on board.
- Possibility of customizations, create your own guitar starting from the exhisting models. Change
color, engrave custom logos or personal Inlays. Paoletti Team has a dedicated custom shop line
that cares of your requets before and after the purchase.
- 2 Years Full assistance on the product, 100% Customers satisfied about our assistance.

Artist that are playing Paoletti Guitars on stage!

Paoletti Guitars has been an innovation in the rig of many artists, from the first one playing the gui-
tar in Amsterdam in 2014, Richie Sambora – Bon Jovi, and many others in the years that introdu-
ced the sound of chestnut in their shows.

Other artists: John Norum - Europe, Richard Fortus - Guns N Roses, Isaiah Sharke – John Mayer,
Metallica, Brian May, and many more you can check on our website.

Paoletti Guitars are available in your country trought the official distributor
World Music Sales

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