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Never before has a solid state overdrive pedal been so close in capturing the
sound and dynamic behaviour of real tube amplifier circuits. Generally guitar
players are musically inspired by the sound of well-designed tube amplifiers in
terms of richness in harmonics, articulating, touch responsive, compression but
still powerful tone and not altering the unique characteristics of your guitar. The
Royal Overdrive features a combination of all these key tube sound aspects.
Like good wine designing a new circuit takes some time to “age” (to become
mature). That is why it took us 4 years to complete this unit for you.
The Royal Overdrive offers a wide range of overdrive tones for any style using
either passive pickups (humbucking, single coil) or active pickups. Furthermore
it features a more complete tone shaping network with individual tone controls.
This architecture makes the Royal Overdrive a more complete preamp that has
versatility to be combined with any guitar amplifier beyond that of the more
classic Overdrive pedals.

Royal Overdrive owners manual v1.1

Check out this van Weelden royal overdrive demo by Sam Vilo.
Make sure to check his youtube channel for more great content.

Royal overdrive

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