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The ancient spirit of wood

The ancient castle of Dowina – today’s Devin – is situated on the junction of the rivers Danube and Morava, between Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria). The 9th Century Latin (864 AD) Fulda Chronicle (Annales Fuldenses) says “Dowina – id est puella“. This translates as Dowina means a girl in ancient Slavonic language. Nowadays the castle ruins remind us of an era of great glory and are a luminous inspiration for sensitive artists. This magical place also gave birth to Dowina guitars. The guitars derive their name from this famous castle and its heritage.

Why a Small Jumbo?

The traditional Super Jumbo model, with its prominent lower bout and tight waist, is arguably the most versatile of all guitar models.

The heavy bass and strong trebles, its trademark sound, have inspired generations of musicians of all styles. Talking to these players in our shop, at shows, and many other occasions, the one thing that kept coming up was its size. For many, it's just too big. Besides, small instruments have been gaining in popularity for years. The question that invariably followed these observations was: 'Could you make it smaller?'


Well, here it is! Heeres Guitars, in close collaboration with B | s | m | r Guitars, have re-designed the Super Jumbo model to a manageable size, while preserving its tonal properties at a surprising volume. 

In a nicely paradoxical mood, we've named it Small Jumbo.


This guitar will give you the full bodied, big sound of its larger cousin, with all the characteristics today's guitarist appreciates so much. Only this time, you can get your arm around it!



Affordable, unique guitars for a decent price.


Kauai Ukulele Flamed Maple Concerto

Als het aankomt op betaalbare ukeleles van hoge kwaliteit, zijn instrumenten van Kauai een geweldige optie. Het opvallende klankhout en mooie details worden weerspiegeld in het verfijnde, zachte en hartverwarmende klank-karakter van deze instrumenten.


​​"Paoletti Guitars® was established in 2005 as the natural evolution of my guitar luthier and amplifier tech activities." Inspired by the shapes of the most iconic guitars in rock history, we started handcrafting guitars using 130-150 years old chestnut woods, coming from Paoletti Family's Chianti wine barrels reserve.


Luxxtone Guitars, a true California custom brand.  Luxxtone set out to take the best of the vintage designs from the past and meld them with modern innovations of today. We are dedicated to producing some of the coolest looking, best playing and unique guitars available!

Luxxtone Guitars are made using only the finest quality parts and materials, coupled with our own proprietary hardware and designs. Each and every guitar is a custom creation from luthier Jerry Bizon.  Extreme attention to detail is what a Luxxtone is all about.  From perfectly level and mirror-like frets for fast action, to unique finishes and custom fabricated's what we're all about.

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